Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Potty Training Bootcamp!!

Hey friends! Posting really quick while I have a few minutes because I need your wisdom!!

It is about time (past time?) to potty train Josiah, but I want to do it when I have several days in a row where I don't need to leave the house. That isn't going to happen until towards the end of the month - but I would like to get mentally and physically prepared in the meantime.

So - questions I already have:

1. For little boys, do you start training them to pee sitting, and move to standing later? Or since he is 3, should I just start training him standing up from the beginning?

2. What do you do at night? Stick with diapers? Training pants? Or do you try to go whole hog and train at night too?

3. I have a small potty that I can put anywhere (like, say, in front of the TV!), and I also have one of those seats to put on the big potty. Any strong opinions about which is a better idea??

All other tips, suggestions, recommendations, and warnings are more than welcome. Also, prayers and chocolate and wine. Ha.



Corinna Mazzotta said...

Would recommend a potty chair for boys rather than the low potties as its an odd angle in the low ones! Put a towel under the potty & keep it in the room with him - he'll never make it as far as the bathroom to start with! Then when he's got the hang of it you can move potty closer to the bathroom. Wouldn't recommend using the toilet seat until he's got the hang of the potty. Both my boys found the big toilet quite scary to start with. We used pull ups (absorbent pants) at night for a very long time!
Most of all don't give up once you've started!!

Jana Tunell said...

I have no children of my phone own but have nannied for a few families in the potty training stage. I suggest a little potty chair and definitely wait to tackle night training. Ease into it, they need to get used to controlling their bladder and telling when they need to go etc. Then tackle night time. I'd even suggest pulling the little potty out now and setting it in the bathroom so he gets used to seeing it and maybe even asking if he want to try occassionally in these next few weeks leading up to actually starting training. Again just getting him comfortable and less intimidated. Might work, might not. Last I highly suggest small incentives to motivate, ie. stickers on a chart each time he goes in the potty (not just attempts) to get a treat when it's filled, or an m&m each time or something, and lots of praise and encouragement. For boys I've seen it take longer so stick with it, don't give up. Make it fun, make it a game etc. Good luck!

Jill E said...

Here is what worked for us:
1) We taught Van to urinate standing up from the beginning.
2) At night we use Pull-ups. From what I've read, nighttime training isn't a behavioral process but a result of neurologic and other physiologic processes; parents can't do anything to hasten it.
3) My son wouldn't use the potty chair but likes to go on the toilet, and I find it less cleaning to wipe the outside of the toilet versus taking out that little bowl, wiping underneath and behind it, etc. Even though he wouldn't use the potty chair inside the house, I put it in the back of my car and he uses that when we're out and about and he must go right away (which is basically any time he has to go). We just usually empty it onto grass or something (I know, it's totally gross but Van thinks it's awesome). Another fun tip I read somewhere is to put red or blue food coloring into the toilet water and let him change the color with his urine. :)
Good luck to you both!

Rose said...

The first time we tried with Henry, it was a failure. He had several accidents, and we gave up and waited another month or so (he was probably 2 yrs 3-4 mos at that point - they were working on it at school already). We used a sticker chart and reward system on the second try (at 2 1/2 yrs maybe?). He got new underwear and every time he peed or pooped he got a cool sticker. After 10 stickers he got a special treat (sometimes food, sometimes toys); he also got a special treat for pooping on the potty.

The first night of potty training there was a HUGE fight about wearing the nighttime diaper, so he didn't wear them. And was dry in the morning! We were surprised, but happy! He has had some accidents at nighttime since then (he's 3 1/2 now), but they are generally few and far between.

We started with him sitting down on his small potty, and once he mastered that, we let him stand up at the regular toilet. Definitely invest in a stool if you have comfort height toilets!

Katie said...

1. We taught George to stand up from the beginning. We were planning on starting him sitting down because he was going to be training at the same time as his twin sister and we figured it would be easier to start them the same way. But in the end, decided he may as well learn the way he'll continue! If that makes sense. He was, however, a lot messier than his sister to begin with! ;)

2. We pop them both in Pull-ups at night but it's really just a precaution now. After about two months, they started to come out of their room and tell us if they needed to go after bed time. Most mornings they wake up dry (we started training in June).

3. We didn't use a potty, just started them on the regular toilet. Less work, easier to clean!

But really, I think you do whatever works for you and your boy! It might look the same or very different, but at the end of it, Josiah will have passed one more milestone! :)

And wine always helps..anytime, in this mothering gig! Maybe not before lunch...;)


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