Friday, September 20, 2013

Seven Quickest Takes

Linking up with the incomparable Jennifer Fulwiler.

1.  Tonight is my official Jamberry Launch Party!!! So I have been a'crazy and a'panicked with shopping and party planning. I really needed a party planning committee to help me with this, because while I love hosting parties, it totally stressed me out and I go WAY overboard. WAY. My mind was so racy with lists and reminders to myself and visualizations of how the party would flawlessly proceed, that I got about 2 hours of sleep last night. That bodes well for my mental stability this evening. Or not.

Mah speshul party nails!!

2.  DESPITE ALL THE THINGS, and due to apparently good planning and organization on my part, I have everything in place and ready to go, with both kiddos napping and over an hour before my husband gets home. How can this be?? So of course, I will not sleep, I will not clean. I will blog!

3.  Josiah has turned three, and I have not blogged about it yet. Oops. Soon, I promise!!

4. Naomi has turned five months, and I have not blogged about that yet either. Nor did I blog about her four months. Triple oops! Have I mentioned being busy lately?

5.  But I did get some portraits taken by an expensive and highly artistic photographer at Target, and my goodness, are my kids cute or what?

6.   This conversation happened earlier:

Josiah:  "Mom, it's time to clean up the crayons."
Me:  ... (looking at Facebook)
Josiah:  "Mom! It's time to clean up!"
Me: ...
Josiah:  "Mom. Mo-om. MOM!"
Me: ...
Josiah: "MOM! It's time to clean up! BE OBEDIENT!!!"

I died laughing. He is now using my own words against me. Rightfully so in this situation, I might add.

7.  I feel like I had about a million other things I have been saving up to tell you, but at this moment I can think of none of them. Say Lah Vee. I guess I had better go do something productive. Have a happy weekend!!! xoxo

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Jessica L. said...

So bummed I missed the party last week! :( Was it awesome? I hope it was!


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